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1948 AERONCA 7 CHAMPION DC For Sale in Placerville, CA

Recover dates for fabric in log books - fuselage was done in 1995 and wings around 2002 Original logs to 1980 lost. New logs started in the early 80's @ 2,000 estimated hours.

For Sale

Posted by Skywagons Mark Updated 1/20/2020


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For Sale
Reg #
4088 hrs
Engine 1
112 hrs SMOH
Special Use
Placerville, CA
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Registration: N8060X, Serial Number: 7DC-132, Airframe Time: 4088 Hours Total Time, Engine Time: 112 Hours SMOH on 85 HP Continental (2011), Annual Due: Feb 2020, Useful Load: 471 Lbs. Lifetime ceconite fabric on Fuselage in 1995 and wings in 2000. One time AD 2000-25-02 complied with at recover and again during last pre-purchase inspection. Previously owned by an IA who did the high quality overhaul on the C-85, and then sold the aircraft a few years later to current owner as his health deteriorated. Current owner purchased plane and has added the electric starter and numerous small and not so small upgrades including the "Bill Pancake" STC which allows for the starter, a -12 continental and the addition of a starting battery if desired. The "Pancake" STC also raises the Gross Weight from 1300 to 1320 pounds, which adds useful load while the aircraft remains light sport compliant for those who desire to take advantage of the light sport medical option. This aircraft performs very well on 85 HP and the owner reports it is a "fast" champ. The VG's make for great elevator and aileron authority at very low airspeeds. Noteworthy are the very solid four point "Hooker Harness" seat belts, excellent plexiglass and solid documentation/logs after 1980. Owner reports low to no oil consumption and engine would appear to be very "dry" when you look into the engine compartment. Door hinges were replaced on the entry door and there is opportunity to re-work this repair if desired to improve door fit and reduce "drafts" while in flight. Aircraft regularly operated at a class "D" airport using only the handheld with intercom, external antennae and PTT. No electrical system on a 7DC which means a light and great performing champ that is EXEMPT from Transponder and ADS-B out requirements. Electric starter ensures safety and convenience, (vs hand propping) with lightweight removable/rechargeable battery being convenient to keep charged. No recent damage history. Current owner has had the majority of the recent maintenance performed by Port Townsend Aero Museum in Port Townsend WA, a highly capable antique and classic restoration facility and they are very familiar with this aircraft. Owner flew it down from the Seattle area to Placerville in one day and reports the ability to climb to at least 11,500' (there were very good tailwinds on the flight at that altitude) and calculates at least 3:45 endurance in cruise with the 18.5 Gallon tanks.

112 hrs SMOH

Portable electric start. Capable of 30 starts on one charge, Auto fuel STC, No Alternator, so no electrical system, so no ADSB required, 1320 GW, so light sport category, 18.5 gallons fuel capacity with 5 gallons in the right wing, Vortex Generators, Oil filter, Steve's Aircraft fuel gascolator, Hooker harnesses front and rear, Hubcaps, Lift handles, Scott tailwheel

Portable I-Com XCVR radio with external antenna, Remote ELT arming panel, Two place sigtronics intercom, Push-to-talk on front control stick, Starter button

Black fabric seats, gray side panels, cream headliner. Generally in good condition. Rated 7 out of 10.

Seller Information

Seller Logo
Name: Mark Pilkington
Company: Skywagons
Address: 3501 Airport Rd.
 Hangar #2
 Placerville, CA 95667

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