1962 BEECHCRAFT SUPER G18S For Sale in Utah United States

      For Sale$329,000
      Posted by Platinum Fighter Sales Updated 9/27/2021

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      For Sale$329,000

      1962 Beechcraft Super G18 Extensive list of restoring fact listed in details

      Posted by Platinum Fighter Sales Updated 9/27/2021

      1962 Beechcraft Super G18 Extensive list of restoring fact listed in details


      • Status
        For Sale
      • Condition
      • Year
      • Make
      • Model
      • Reg #
      • Serial #
      • Airframe
        4750 hrs
      • Left Engine
        300 hrs SMOH
      • Right Engine
        300 hrs SMOH
      • Left Prop
        300 hrs SMOH
      • Right Prop
        300 hrs SMOH
      • Special Use
        Taildragger, Antique-Classic
      • Location
        Utah United States
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      The following is a list of important restoration facts about the aircraft:

      • 1. All yellow tags for every component.
      • 2. Traceability documents on every part used down to the flat washers
      • 3. Remove engines and disassemble completely
      • 4. Remove all hardware and attachments from firewalls
      • 5. Remove gear assemblies and disassemble completely
      • 6. Remove all fuel tanks strip pressurize repair and epoxy paint
      • 7. Remove wings install new wing bushings, obtain both factory bushing reamers, install new factory wing bolts, locate retired Beechcraft employee that used to fit wings and learn proper procedure.
      • 8. Replace all cable pulleys throughout airframe
      • 9. Install two new flap screw jacks
      • 10.Replace all gear rod and flap rod universal joints
      • 11. Send out gear retract draglinks and have X rayed
      • 12. Remove Southwind Heater and sent to factory repair station for major overhaul.
      • 13. Send out fire bottle for overhaul and certification
      • 14. Install new fuel pump for cabin heater and new hour meter
      • 15. Strip, inspect, and cadmium plate all hardware for airframe
      • 16. Epoxy paint all gear components and install placards
      • 17. Strip all wells and epoxy prime and epoxy paint all areas
      • 18. Send all flight surfaces to Lee Camron for metalizing
      • 19. Properly balance all surfaces prior to reassembly
      • 20. Remove everything that is not riveted from the interior of cabin
      • 21. Install spun slag insulation to cabin walls (four times sound deadening than fiberglass)
      • 22. Install new cabin interior upholstery Maroon leather seats light grey wool headliner maroon carpet
      • 23 Send all original cabinetry out for disassembly and re-veneering and refinishing
      • 24. Rebuild cabin door with original factory' new trim on interior
      • 25. Send all instruments out for overhaul certify or replace with new
      • 26. All overhauled instruments have the Beechcraft logo silk screened on the face as original
      • 27. Build match dies to fabricate new instrument panel blank
      • 28. Install cabin opening side windows on flight deck
      • 29. Strip entire fuselage exterior NOTE there are no cracks, stop drills, skin repairs, patches, or loose rivets anywhere on this entire aircraft
      • 30. Repaint aircraft in DuPont 6000 series high solids urethane paint using only DuPont products
      • 31. Install new rock boots on lower vertical stabs.
      • 32. Remove and disassemble entire tail wheel strut and strip out all components of tall wheel well
      • 33. Find original canvas splash protector for tail wheel well and fit as original
      • 34. Install top and bottom fuselage strobes.
      • 35. Send out flap and gear motors for overhaul
      • 36. Send out sump boost pumps for overhaul
      • 37. Order Stainless steel bearings for all wheels
      • 38. Remove oil tanks, strip, inspect, epoxy paint
      • 39. Suspend aircraft weight outer wing tips and refit center spar splice after wing refit
      • 40. Suspend aircraft and swing gear 20 times adjusting doors and limit switches
      • 41. Install all new gear limit switches.
      • 42. Rig all flight surfaces as per factory recommendations
      • 43. Set and safety wire all control cables.
      • 44. Install all new fuel level senders in each tank

      left engine
      Pratt & Whitney
      R-985 SB Wasp Jr.
      300 hrs SMOH
      right engine
      Pratt & Whitney
      R-985 SB Wasp Jr.
      300 hrs SMOH
      left prop
      Hamilton Standard
      300 hrs SMOH
      right prop
      Hamilton Standard
      300 hrs SMOH

      • 1. Send crankshafts to Tulsa Aircraft for overhaul, install all new link rods
      • 2. Fit all new not reprocessed crank roller and ball bearings
      • 3. Purchase 18 first run steel cylinders never overhauled
      • 4. Send cylinders to E.C.I. for overhaul plating and certification
      • 5. Fit all new factory Pratt exhaust valves and intake valves
      • 6. Install new factory Pratt pistons and rings and pins
      • 7. Install new valve springs and safety keepers and safety clips on valves
      • 8. Send blower sections to Tulsa Aircraft for overhaul
      • 9. Supply with blowers all new bearings, shafts, cover plates, and newly rebalanced NOS impellors 10. Send Magnetos out for overhaul
      • 11. Send fuel pumps out for overhaul
      • 12. Send vacuum pumps out for overhaul
      • 13. Send carburetors out for overhaul
      • 14. Install new 100 amp alternators remove old generator components
      • 15. Fabricate new collected bearing weep lines Stainless steel.
      • 16. Re-anodize all fuel and oil fittings
      • 17. Rebuild cowling and reinstall cowl baffles with original style staples as O.E.
      • 18. Epoxy paint all engine components
      • 19. Rebuild and Epoxy engine mounts
      • 20. Install new air oil separators
      • 21. Rebuild oil coolers
      • 22. Send out prop governors for overhaul
      • 23. Install new ignition harnesses
      • 24. Locate new magneto to vibrator harnesses
      • 25. Install new PMA exhaust stacks ceramic coated inside and out
      • 26. Install new one piece flap assemblies
      • 27. Locate the only remaining new dishpan for left engine
      • 28. Purchase two new D model dishpans and disassembled to make a new dishpan for right engine
      • 29. Install new wiring harnesses for engines inside cowling
      • 30. Recast from one original cast emblem to fit on each upper cowl as O.E. was
      • Twenty years invested in this restoration. This aircraft has impeccable records and logs and a picture history of the restoration project. The purchaser receives all factory tools and jacks. It also comes with a hanger full of new and used Beech 18 parts. A collection of rotables is also included two overhauled certified first run cylinders, two 0/H magnetos, A 0/H carburetor, 0/H fuel pump, new set of brake discs, new Pratt piston , a new complete set of Stainless exhaust PMA. Complete set of manuals and factory books.

      • 4750 TTSN
      • 300 Hrs Since Restoration

      • Garmin GTN 750 WAAS GPS/NAV/COMM
      • Garmin GTN 650 WAAS GPS/NAV/COMM
      • ADS-B IN /  Out with Garmin GDL 88 system
      • STEC 55X Auto Pilot with Yaw Dampening and LNAV/VNAV coupling, and automatic electric trim ($38,000 system installed)
      • SAI 340 Digital Attitude Indicator
      • PS Engineering PMA 8000 digital intercom system w/ bluetooth

      Restored with 7 pax configuration with all executive chairs, and also a 3 pax bench to give it a configuration for 8 pax.

      White with burgundy trim

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