Global Licensed Aircraft Dealers Association

      About GLADA

      The Global Licensed Aircraft Dealer Association (GLADA) was formed to be a common force helping to influence and support growth in the Business Aviation Industry and to provide a foundation for Industry Leaders to network and grow their businesses with integrity.

      GLADA strives to be the leading advocate in the fair business of buying, selling and leasing business aircraft. GLADA champions as a resource and leader in developing standards for efficient, effective and principled business practices in buying and selling aircraft. GLADA provides a foundation for professional development, welcoming the exchange of information amongst its members for the purpose of business growth and integrity.


      There are 2 membership levels available.

      • Dealer Membersip is tailored to Aircraft Dealers and allows members to see and submit members' off-market listings, members' wanted aircraft, submit aircraft listings and refer clients directly to GLADA's hosted listings page, receive industry discounts, network with peers, and more.
      • Industry Membership is for Industry professionals and allows access to GLADA Events, dealer member listings and networking with peers

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