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1911 WRIGHT MODEL B FLYER For Sale in Warrenton, VA

We have exclusively a Wright Brothers 1911 Model B Flyer reproduction for long term lease or sale with original Wright Vertical-4 Engine that was the personal property of Orville Wright, his hands were all over this engine. You can own a piece of history!

Posted by ACCESSAEROSPACE Updated 9/3/2020

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    Warrenton, VA
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One hundred years ago, a very special aircraft helped change our nation and the world forever. It was the product of the Wright Company—a brainstorm of Orville and Wilbur Wright. The Wright Model B was the standard bearer of an industry emerging from its infancy. In 1911 and 1912, this airplane, and the people who flew it, shaped the modern world.

The Wright Experience has meticulously, and with absolute fidelity, recreated the Model B as an airworthy, flyable reproduction. Its pedigree is flawless.

Our Model B is a reproduction of Army Signal Corps Aircraft #4, flown by Hap Arnold and Tom Milling. It is equipped with an original, working Wright vertical-­-four engine (Serial #33.) This engine was once the personal property of Orville Wright. The finishes, fabric, airframe, and fittings have been reproduced as accurately as possible following thousands of hours of primary source research and the creation of fully detailed, accurate plans.

Empty Weight: 843 lbs. Seats: (1) Pilot and (1) Passenger

Wing Span:       39' Engine: 35-­-HP Original Wright V4, Serial #33

Length:             29' Propellers: Reproduction Wright 1911 Bent-­-end

Seller Information

Seller Logo
Name: Bill Cress
Title: CEO & CFO
Company: Accessaerospace LLC
Address: 5401 W. Kennedy Blvd
 Suite 100
 Tampa, FL 33609

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