PRE-OWNED GCA-4G MONO PASSIVE HEADSET- DUAL PLUG For Sale in Lakeland, Florida United States

      For Sale$59.00
      Posted by Gulf Coast Avionics Updated 2/9/2022

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      For Sale$59.00

      Catalog No: GCA-4G (R)

      Posted by Gulf Coast Avionics Updated 2/9/2022

      Catalog No: GCA-4G (R)


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        For Sale
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        Lakeland, Florida United States
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      • 24dB NRR hearing protection
      • BNC clear hear electrets mic
      • Rugged Mil-Spec cabling
      • Dual volume control
      • Wide comfort foam ear seals
      • Cotton cloth ear covers
      • Full flex boom
      • Weight 14.5 oz.
      • 90-Day Warranty

      Additional features of the GCA-4G include highly dependable headphone drivers for music, thumb nut headband adjusters, high-flex reliable wiring, gold-plated plugs, rugged ABS ear cups, and chrome stainless steel headband combined with the best audio components. Optional GEL ear seals available with your purchase of the GCA-4G.

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      Name: Levi Vickers
      Title: Sales Manager
      Company: Gulf Coast Avionics
      Address: 3650 Drane Field Road
       Lakeland Linder Regional Airport
       Lakeland, Florida 33811

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