Complete logs and No damage history. Conversion was done in the eighties. Engine is out of a 1968 182L. Kammermeyer STC. This plane is very nearly a 180 with the exception of the jackscrew elevator trim that a 180 has. Otherwise, same wings, same flaps, five gallons less capacity, same gear, same engine, same prop same performance.

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2019 hrs
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Placerville, California
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Engine Time: 692 Hours SMOH by Mattituck on 0-470R, 1500 hour TBO. Cam and lifters replaced and engine balanced 112 hours ago in 2005. Propeller Time: 110 Hours SPOH on McCauley C66 two blade

0-470R, 230 HP engine (like 180 or 182), Constant speed prop (like 180 or 182), Taildragger conversion, Cessna 185 Gear legs, Sportsman STOL, Micro dynamics VG Kit, 26 inch Goodyear bushwheels, Six-bolt Alaska bushwheels, Alsaka bushwheel double-puck brakes, Alaska Baby-bushwheel tailwheel in wide fork, Tailcone lift handles, 50 gallons fuel capacity (No bladders), Small raised gas caps, Windshield V Brace, Tinted visors, Wingtip Strobes, Factory shoulder harnesses, Rear hat-shelf, Flap handle extender, Factory rear seat, Sling type rear seat, Seat Arrestors, Horiziontal stabilizer abrasion boots, Polished spinner, Six cylinder primer, Brackett air filter, Re-fuelling steps

Apollo SL 15 Audio Panel with 3LMB and Intercom, Apollo CNX 80 IFR Color GPS/Com with WAAS, Transponder in incorporated into the WAAS CNX 80 (Add a $1700 GDL 82 and you have ADSB out), Apollo SL 40 Slimline Nav/Com, Petersen autofuel STC, Ipad mount on panel for I-pad mini, Electronics International Fuel flow computer, Alcor analog EGT/CHT Gauge, Avionics master switch, Modern split master switch, Interav alternator conversion, Analog Carb' temp' gauge, Digital timer, Garmin Glide Slope/VOR/Localizer indicator|, Remote ELT arming panel, 12 Volt Outlet, Dual Push-to-talk buttons on yokes, Alternate Static source, Hamilton Vertical card compass, Outside Air Temp gauge, Map light in headliner, Four place intercom, Starter button

Good condition utility and original side panels. Recent wool headliner. Black rubber diamondplate floor matting. Seats are in good condition under the sheepskins. Overall rated 7 out of 10.

Overall white with a custom red Skywagon type accent in semi-traditional scheme. Rated 7 out of 10.

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Name: Mark Pilkington
Company: Skywagons
Address: 3501 Airport Rd.
 Hangar #2
 Placerville, California 95667

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